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Hypnosis Experiences

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Hypnosis is often a new experience for people. Here's what others have to say about hypnosis and working with Joni.


My first experience with hypnosis was successful! Joni Brewer is caring, personable and professional. I immediately felt at ease and didn’t feel as though I was divulging anything personal except what I wanted to discuss; which was a concern when I first made the appointment. Joni helped to get to the center of my concerns and armed with me several techniques to deal with my thoughts and concerns when I left her office. It is nice to have someone outside of friends and family to talk with about private issues and be able to walk away feeling confident that my concerns are not insurmountable.


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Are you a victim of verbal abuse? Physical abuse or both? Do you have a constant “voice or record” deep inside your head or heart condemning you from as far back as you can remember? Always putting you down, telling you “you are no good, can’t do anything right, will never amount to a thing?” No matter how hard you tried or how well you did it was never good enough, it should have been better! You never received a well done, never praise, just more of the same demeaning things you had heard so often before! You just never measure up in that person or persons expectations’ of you. Most horrific of all; “You really believed it!”

If any of what you have just read rings a bell, strikes a chord, or hits a nerve I have some Great News for you, you are on the right page. Joni Brewers page.

It would have been nice for me to have known  Joni Brewer 30-40 years earlier. Joni did for me in about 3 hours over the course of a few weeks what the “Couch Jockeys” couldn’t and didn’t do in over thirty year’s. Actually, Joni told me right up front, she could not help me with childhood or military related  PTSD, my major problem(s). I wish I could tell you how Joni did it (for a small fee and I’d be rich!) truth is I paid very little for the value I received. No more Flashbacks, Nightmares, Silent Screams of terror, or Night-sweats. Three hours with Joni, took me on a journey back into my mother’s womb for me to “see” how the abuse and pain started before I was even born 75 years earlier. “Gee, you mean it ain’t my fault?” A few well guided hours of “sweat equity” on my part changed my life, just ask my wife and friends.* Do I still hear the “voice from hell” and condemn my mistakes when I do something “stupid?” Of course I do. No one changes 75 years of any habit in a few weeks. But now, with the ammunition Joni gave me, I shoot back, tell ‘em where to go! Best of all, after just a minutes, I can laugh at myself for being "stupid” enough to have even listened to the voice.

 The old adage, “Advice is worth what you pay for it?” Does not hold true of Joni. The pittance I paid Joni for the value I received, to steal a word and in a word, -  Priceless!   

 *Thanks to Joni I now have more friends and a happier wife. Yep – Priceless!


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