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Hypnosis and Coaching For Successfully Improving Your Performance, Overcoming Fears and Phobias, Reducing Stress, Managing Weight, Increasing Confidence, and More


No "mind control" or doing silly things. Just success in meeting your goals with a few easy hypnotherapy/coaching sessions


If you'd like to meet your goals, make permanent changes and be less stressed, then hypnosis may be the answer for you.

There are as many types of approaches to hypnosis as there are hypnotists. Along with hypnosis I also use Life Coaching tools to help ensure your success. Be sure to set up a free consultation with anyone that you're considering working with.

Feeling comfortable during your hypnosis session is very important so I maintain a relaxing, non-judgmental office.



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 Skype is available for people living outside the Salem area.  Call Joni directly at 503-910-7186 or email Joni@BrewerHypnosis.com.



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Hypnosis - What Is It?

 Recall the last time that you saw a great movie in the theater. You can see the people up on the screen and you're completely involved in their lives. You see what they see, feel what they feel and experience it as if you were there. Now the movie ends, the lights come up, and when you walk outside you're mildly surprised that it's night time and you're in your hometown because that's not where you were a few moments ago. You've been hypnotized.

 Hypnosis is a natural state of being, occurring when we're involved in a great movie, engaging video game, exciting book, or perhaps just driving along and realize that we missed our turn.


Hypnosis - How Can It Help Me?

 During a clinical hypnotherapy session the hypnotist simply guides you to this natural, relaxed state of self hypnosis and then assists you in addressing whatever concern you have. The most common of these are:

  • Stress can be the root cause of many other issues 
  • Sports enhancement - using enhanced visualization for "perfect practice," formal hypnosis for confidence building, and other tools to overcome blocks, can improve your performance overnight.
  • Taking Music and Work performance to the next level
  • Private issues can be changed without me ever having to know what they are
  • Increase confidence
  • PTSD
  • Memory loss (where did I put my keys?) and function
  • Weight management - it's not about looking like a model, it's about finding your healthy weight
  • Tobacco use - both smoking and chewing tobacco are harmful and expensive
  • Concerns
  • Pain control - I can help you with pain control using hypnosis or, as a massage therapist, I specialize in techniques to decrease pain
  • Habits - from nail biting to procrastination habits are something we learned and that we can unlearn





Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation



 Skype is available for people living outside the Salem area.  Call Joni directly at 503-910-7186 or email Joni@BrewerHypnosis.com.






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What happens during a hypnosis or coaching session?

 Successful change is a process. The first step is to meet so that I can understand your specific needs and answer any questions that you have about the coaching and hypnosis process.

We then work together to come up with a plan to make the changes that you desire.

With deep relaxation in a safe, comfortable environment, we can easily and gently discover what's kept you from meeting your goals in the past and how to change that for the future.

Still in that deeply relaxed state, I'll give you positive ideas to overcome old, outdated, negative thoughts.

After your session you'll be provided with a short audio to reinforce the progress that you made during your session


Do I lose control when I'm hypnotized?

 No. A person can't be made to do anything that they wouldn't normally be comfortable doing.


Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. If something uncomfortable occurred you would simply wake up. On the other end, if you were very tired and went to sleep it would be like any other nap. The hypnotist could awaken you, or you would wake up on your own if left alone.


Will I blurt out any secrets?

You won't say anything that you don't want to say. Hypnosis is not a "truth serum" or lie detector.


Who can be hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized - we do it every day! Motivation is the key. People that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and people that are unable to follow instructions are the exceptions.


Hypnotists work with normal people to help with normal problems in living





Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation



 Skype is available for people living outside the Salem area.  Call Joni directly at 503-910-7186 or email Joni@BrewerHypnosis.com.




Physician Referral

 If you have any diagnosed condition a physician's written authorization is required prior to initiating work with that condition and your doctor will monitor your progress. This provides you with optimal results.

 If you are currently taking prescription medications do not stop or reduce your dosage without your doctor's approval.


a. The hypnotist does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any condition.

b. The hypnotist is a facilitator of hypnosis and in this role does not practice any other profession that requires a license under the laws and regulations of the state of Oregon.

c. Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological services, or counseling.