Links for Anatomy & Physiology Students

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University of Minnesota A&P Quizzes

Get Body Smart

Anatomy Arcade (fun games)

Purpose Games

Study Stack for virtual flash cards, games and more!

Quizlet quizes you make or take that others have made

NOVA TV - Hunting The Elements

Muscular contraction video

Kahn Academy - urinary  This link is for the urinary system but they have many more YouTube videos for other systems as well

University of Kentucky. This link is for the cell page but if you go to the bottom you'll find links for muscles, cardiovascular, and neurology.

Crash Course - respiratory and cardiovascular   This link is for the respiratory system and these are kind of short and not in much depth but they give an interesting overview to the system.

Touch: Pleasure and Pain. Very interesting Fresh-air interview about touch

Podcasts on various subjects. If you look around in iTunes you'll find more free podcasts too.

Search YouTube for Integrative Biology 131 lecture series

Just about anything on the National Geographic Channel that relates to the body is good.