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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis


Twenty-three years ago a friend of mine went to one of those “Stop Smoking Seminars”, you know the $49.99 “Hilton Hypnotist”. It was packed with over a 100 people wanting to quit! Everyone was a bit nervous, skeptical and wondering who was going to be the first one to quack like a duck!

Everyone took their seats, and soon he assured us that no one would be quacking like a duck, or acting like a chicken, not even barking like a dog! He talked and talked and talked, about things like: “You can’t be controlled by the hypnotist,” “You can’t ‘get stuck' in hypnosis,” “You won’t blurt out any secrets,” “You are not asleep or unconscious,” and “You’ll hear and be aware of everything.”

My friend's wife was bored and almost asleep, while he was flabbergasted! “You mean to tell me, the people on “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Dukes of Hazard” LIED to me!!! About Hypnosis!”

Then they moved on to the hypnosis part of the evening, which was really rather simple; just close your eyes and listen carefully. In his wife’s words “He wasn’t too dumb and she, the ‘super genius’ were both able to be hypnotized.”

For him, it was very relaxing. His wife said that it was for her also, but that it felt like she was just light and floating. He was amazed because he felt very heavy, almost too heavy to move. He heard others saying it was different for them also. Some said they felt all tingly, while some others said they felt very warm and still others felt an inward calm. The experience seemed to be different for each person.

Amazingly, it worked! He and his wife are now non-smokers! It was a little easier for him than for her, but they did it! 

But the thing that bothered my friend was that if he were to falter, where could he find the guy who guaranteed the hypnosis would work? Answer: Rhode Island! But he was just here, in Oregon! That’s when my friend read the small print! he could come back and be hypnotized if he had any problems, effective for 1 year! Come back? Where? Rhode Island? As my friend would soon discover, he would be back in the area in about 2 years! Go figure!


Here are a couple of things I discovered while researching “The

Hilton Hypnotist”:

  •  Rarely do they come back to town anywhere near the 1 year guarantee time frame. (Not such a great guarantee) (Studies show guarantees are a setup for failure, when clients know it cost them nothing to fail… they will fail)


  •  Although he hypnotizes anywhere from 100 to 200 people at a time, he has a 60 to 65% success rate. Wow, that’s really good! (Chantix     claims a 44% success rate, minus the 18% placebo effect = 26% success rate.)


  •  I also found that the success rate goes up, the smaller the group! Some university studies show as high as 97%!

So how does “Brewer Hypnosis” differ from the “Hilton Hypnotist”?

  • Your session with me is one on one, it’s all about you!

  • My goal is to focus on each individual, and help each person succeed.

  • Built into each session is an explanation of how each client can listen to a specially designed recording made just for my clients that returns them to the state of hypnosis within seconds, and that relieves any smoking related stress quickly and reinforces being a non smoker. This recording is provided free of charge.


 Click here to see the Stop Smoking Plan


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IRS Publication 502


Stop-Smoking Programs

You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a program to stop smoking. However, you cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for drugs that do not require a prescription, such as nicotine gum or patches, that are designed to help stop smoking.


For more information, contact your tax professional and/or go to and search Publication 502.  





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