Quit Smoking Session

What happens during a quit smoking session

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Joni Brewer

Hypnotist, Success Coach



It's my understanding that Positive Changes has just closed their doors and left some people stranded in meeting their goals. If you were one of these people please don't give up. Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss a reduced rate for you and get you moving forward again. My Stop Smoking For Life program is done in one session.

About the Session


Here’s an idea of what to expect when you come in…
A session lasts about an hour and a half… during your session I’m going to teach you some things about hypnosis, Things like what hypnosis can and can’t do, and how you’re never asleep or unconscious during the process like the Hollywood version of hypnosis on TV… we do not do any “Hollywood hypnosis” in fact, you will hear people in the halls, doors closing… You are always aware during the entire hypnosis process.
Then we do the hypnosis, and surprisingly the actual hypnosis part takes very little time at all. 
Then comes the walking out the door part… now I have 3 groups of people when it comes to walking out the door… the First Group walk out the door and they say… “That hypnosis stuff works great! I never had a craving, I never even thought about a cigarette again!”
 That’s the group I worry about the most. Why? Because this is the group my mother-in-law fell in the first time she got hypnotized! You know how it is, you know if something is easy for us to put down, it’s easy for us to pick up again, we don’t respect it. We have a couple of beers or glasses of wine… the next thing you know it’s a couple Shots of Tequila and we’re saying give me one of those things, they have no power over me… I can have just one! And we’re right back to smoking. That’s why I worry about that group the most.
You see, she made a mistake, she lost respect for cigarettes; it’s the same respect we have for the edge of a cliff! One slip and it’s a fast ride to the bottom! And she was back to a pack and a half a day in a week!
Then I have the Second Group, they walk out the door and they say, “Oh no, I had cravings, I had thoughts of cigarettes, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be, and pretty soon I forgot all about cigarettes!” And that’s OK I like that group!
And then there is the Third Group, and this is the group Bernie fell in second time she was hypnotized to quit smoking, (the guy charged her double when she went back!) It’s been many years now since her last cigarette, but this time it required more effort… this time, she kept thinking… “Am I ever going to quit thinking of these damn things?!” And then something happened and she got busy with work, and next thing you know 4 hours had passed and she had not thought of a cigarette in 4 hours! "That amazed me because my cycle was every 45 minutes I HAD TO HAVE A CIGARETTE, And then I thought to myself, well you're thinking about them NOW”… but it wasn’t as bad as before and every day it just got better and better until one day I forgot all about them!"
Quitting smoking is like breaking up with somebody. Remember back in junior high or high school… There was somebody we really liked, and then one day they didn’t like us anymore! And we thought about them and thought about them… 24 hours a day 7 days a week… but pretty soon it wasn’t 24 hours a day anymore… and then it wasn’t 7 days a week anymore, and soon it was only when we would see them… and then we get distracted on someone new, time passes, and we look back and we wonder what the heck was I thinking… And that’s the way it is with cigarettes…
We use hypnosis to compress that time, so much so, a third of the people walk out the door and never give them another thought; Hypnosis also quiets that anxiety, that “feeling” we call the nicotine fit.