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Overcome Fear


Take back control

Find your calm and confidence


Finally do what you desire

How much longer do you want this fear that holds you back, or has you completely freaked out to continue to interfere with your life?

Image by Ben Hershey

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone. Everyone has fears.  

Some people can easily hide their fear by avoiding the subject or experience, but for some, it creeps up on them and freaks them out no matter where they are—at home, at work, shopping, or out in public space. 

It can lead to panic or outward expression when you lose all control. You don’t mean for it to happen, but the fear becomes bigger than you. 

Fear can be debilitating.

Fear can interfere with life plans and hold you back from wonderful experiences like…

  • going on vacation

  • leaving your house

  • trying a new activity 

  • getting necessary health care

  • being with your family or friends

  • enjoying being outside in nature

  • driving or taking public transportation

  • getting the job that you’ve always wanted

If fear is preventing you from doing what you desire, forcing you to hide or avoid the experiences you long for, you are in the right place. 

Hypnosis can help you overcome your fear. I’ll show you how.

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How this grandma got over her fear of needles.

Her first grandbaby had just been born. 

She was so excited to get to hold that little bundle of joy, but there was just one problem—her son wouldn’t allow her near the baby until she had her vaccines.

She was afraid of needles. I mean REALLY afraid — get within 5-feet of her with a needle and she’d start swinging—afraid. 

But she was motivated. She badly wanted to take part in her grandkid’s life. When we met, she looked at me with desperation in her eyes and asked, “Can you help me? I really want to see my grand-baby.


I matched her determination and looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Yes. Yes, I can.


What do you fear that Hypnosis can help with?

This is a partial list. There are many fears I can help people overcome, but these are some of the most common ones.

  • Needles

  • Medication (swallowing pills)

  • Snakes, frogs, things that jump

  • Spiders (Arachnophobia)

  • Social settings or public speaking.

  • Flying in an airplane (Aerophobia)

  • Elevators, being trapped in small confined spaces such as hallways or elevators (Claustrophobia)

  • Heights, standing on a balcony or climbing stairs where you can see the bottom

  • Getting sick, vomiting or being unwell

  • Medical or dental treatment and practitioners

  • Swimming or being in a pool, lake, ocean, sea​

Don’t let fear get in the way of what’s possible.

Break free from that debilitating feeling or interference and finally go for that experience you’ve been missing out on. 

Where are you on this journey?

Do you?

  • Have difficulty driving

  • Stay home from the picnic for fear of snakes, spiders, or bugs

  • Have painful teeth because you don’t want to see the dentist

Have you?

  • Been passed over at work because you have trouble speaking in front of people

  • Missed out on fun trips

  • Put off necessary blood work tests for fear of a needle

Are you?

  • Worried about passing on your fear to your children


  • Embarrassed by your reaction to something as small as a spider

  • Stuck at home because you’re afraid to speak to strangers


Where fear limits - even restricts you - Hypnosis can help you enjoy life to its fullest.

Hypnosis allows fear to dissolve away. To no longer be an issue. 

In fact, the first step to this lasting change is to drop the old thoughts and patterns — the baggage. 

When you vividly imagine what your life will be like, the things that you’ll do, see, and experience, that old fear will no longer take up space with you anymore.

And you’ll finally be able to…

  • Get the job you love.

  • Stay healthy.

  • Have a bright smile.

  • Travel to new places, see new sights, and enjoy new flavors.

  • Go on picnics, walks and just be outside with your family and friends.

  • Enjoy being around the grandkids.

Tired of that old feeling dictating your life and you're ready to break free?

Now is a great time to start Hypnosis.

Step 1

Schedule your free 30-minute information call. We’ll explore what you need to be successful. 

Step 2

If we determine I can help you, we’ll set up your 90 minute sessions, either in my office or by Zoom

Step 3

From the very first session, you’ll feel better and have more confidence in yourself

Change starts with you.

Fill out the brief intake form and book your free 30-minute consultation.

JW, Salem, OR

“It WORKED!!! Yup, I'm back behind the wheel!!!!!”
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