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Stop Smoking

Are you ready to throw out those cigarettes and take back control of your life? In my office or live online all it takes is just one session.

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I work with smokers who are frustrated by poor health, burning money, and having to hide their habit. Together we use hypnosis to make a rapid change at the unconscious level where the problem lies. You get back control of your life so you can enjoy an active lifestyle, be around for your family, and have the money to make those dreams come true.

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Do you

  • Find yourself short of breath and tired just going up a few stairs?

  • Feel like cigarettes are controlling you - always checking how many cigarettes you have and then trying to find a place to smoke?

  • Think people are talking about you and your lack of willpower?


Have you

  • Worried about dying early and not being around to see your kids and grandkids grow up?

  • Gone to extremes to hide your habit?

  • Interrupted time with family and friends so you could go out in the rain or heat to have a cigarette?


Are you

  • Frustrated and disappointed in yourself because you’ve tried and haven’t been able to quit?

  • Tired of the way you and your clothes smell. That nasty dirty ashtray taste in your mouth?

  • Mad about burning money that could be used for something fun?




Don’t interrupt your time with family and friends to go out in the heat or rain for a smoke. Make difficulty breathing and fatigue a thing of the past. Stop burning money and get what you really want. 


It’s time to break up with smoking for good


  • Imagine easily being active - running, walking, hiking, dancing

  • Think about how great it feels to be in control

  • Imagine being part of your kids and grandkids lives - watching them grow up knowing you’ve had a positive influence on them

  • What would it be like to have the money to spend on things you really want - new clothes, your favorite restaurant, that dream vacation. 

  • How amazing it is to be free to be yourself - not having to hide a part of your life.



That’s the exact reason I use hypnosis to take you from being disappointed in yourself to being back in control of your life so you can enjoy an active lifestyle, be around for your family, and have the money to make those dreams come true.



  • The first step is a free consultation so you can ask questions, know what to expect, and we can get to know each other

  • There’s a video that we watch that will help you truly understand nicotine and addiction

  • The Guzzo protocol takes away cravings in minutes

  • Hypnosis gets to the unconscious mind which is where the problem lies and why you haven’t been able to quit before

  • There are videos to support you at home

  • Audios allow you to relax and reinforce what we did during the session

  • You’ll receive a handout that you can take with you to remind you how to stop the thought

  • 1 session is all it takes

  • You get a Lifetime Service Guarantee




With over a decade as a hypnotist, 10 years as a massage therapist, 15 years as a nurse, and 20 years as an instructor of Anatomy & Physiology I know health. I know the brain, how it works and how to teach you to change yours so you can easily and effortlessly stop smoking.







Have the power to kick the habit for good! Take back control, enjoy friends and family, and spend your hard earned money on what you REALLY want!



   K.D. Salem, OR




















Isn't it time that you stopped disappointing yourself?

You're an intelligent, motivated, health conscious person but you haven't been able to kick the habit and take back control.

"My husband thought that I would never quit but I did in just 1 session. No cravings!

"Just one session with Joni was all it took to stop a 40 year habit. I appreciate how she explained everything at the beginning of the session and there were no surprises. It was 2 days before I even thought about cigarettes and it was easy to say no."

J.H. Stayton, OR

Get Back on Track Offer

Success with any method, including hypnosis, can be affected by several variables such as attitude, motivation and cooperation of the individual, I am completely committed to supporting my clients.

After a client has paid for the smoking cessation program there will be no additional charge in the rare event that the client requires future hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation. If cravings ever return, or the client for any other reason smokes or uses any tobacco products again, I provide the client ‘get back on track’ hypnosis sessions for free.

No other program offers this type of commitment and it remains in place as long as I'm open for business.


Tax Deduction Information


IRS Publication 502


Stop-Smoking Programs

You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for a program to stop smoking. However, you cannot include in medical expenses amounts you pay for drugs that do not require a prescription, such as nicotine gum or patches, that are designed to help stop smoking.


For more information, contact your tax professional and/or go to and search Publication 502.  



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