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Stress Relief

Stress Relief
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Hypnosis sessions for effective, long-term stress management

  • heart disease

  • cancer, infections

  • lung disease

  • the common cold

  • insomnia (difficulty sleeping)

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • weight problems

  • gastrointestinal difficulties (IBS, Crohn's disesase)

  • substance abuse

All of these have been linked to chronic stress. You deserve better.

Hypnosis can help guide you to a more comfortable life, a place where you can have peace of mind.


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Stress in Every Day Life


  • Work frequently produces a stressful environment; difficult co-workers or boss, more work than ever before, an un-fulfilling job, daycare issues

  • Home life involving spouse, children and parents can be stressful as can being the primary care-giver for a sick relative

  • Test anxiety

  • finances

  • social situations

  • talking in front of people

  • chronic pain 


All of these can create anxiety.

Sometimes our reactions to these stressful situations are reasonable and sometimes we need a little help finding a better, more powerful way to deal with these situations. Often times our reactions are more about the past then about what's happening right now. Hypnosis can bring more clarity to these situations and reduce stress.


Imagine yourself now handling every situation with ease and comfort.


We will walk together on this journey to bring you to a place of peace of mind. Every hypnosis session with Joni is tailor made to your specific needs and takes place in a safe, non-judgemental, comfortable environment.







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Yup, I'm back behind the wheel!!!!!

JW, Salem, OR

Thank you, thank you!

I have been full of energy and have accomplished so much today. I even stopped by the library and picked up a volunteer application!

Nancy, Monmouth, OR

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