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Weight Management

In my office or live online, let's work together so you can let that thin person that naturally eats healthy out

Weight Loss
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I work with people who want to eat better and in a more healthy way. The only problem is they’ve tried everything and they couldn’t stick with it. Now they’re frustrated and disappointed in themselves. Together we use hypnosis to make a rapid change at the unconscious level where the problem lies. You get back control of your life so you can have more energy, a healthy body, and fit into those clothes that you love.



  • Feel like a failure?

  • Have obsessive thoughts about food?

  • Eat when you’re not hungry?



  • Tried everything and couldn’t stick with it?

  • Had surgery and still gained weight?

  • Eaten just to feel better?



  • Frustrated?

  • Disappointed in yourself?

  • Stuck in a negative loop?

Go from feeling like a failure to being empowered. Instead of having obsessive thoughts about food you can adjust your mindset to think and eat like a naturally thin person. Go from feeling heavy to having a healthy, attractive, vibrant body.

It’s time to let that thin person that naturally eats healthy out

  • Imagine feeling comfortable in your body.

  • Think about how great it feels to be in control

  • Feel that pain-free body moving effortlessly

  • See yourself in those clothes that you’ve been dreaming about wearing

  • Taste and truly enjoy food more than ever

Isn't it time you stopped disappointing yourself?

You’re an intelligent, motivated, health-conscious person but you haven’t been able to stick with eating the way you want to.

That’s the exact reason I use hypnosis to take you from being disappointed in yourself to being back in control of your life so you can enjoy an active lifestyle, enjoy your food and never have to worry about what you're eating or your weight again.

  • The first step is a free consultation so you can ask questions, know what to expect, and we can get to know each other

  • Every session is tailored to your specific needs and desires

  • We’ll build on your successes

  • Hypnosis gets to the unconscious mind which is where the problem lies and why you haven’t been able to change your eating habits before

  • There are videos to support you at home

  • Audios allow you to relax and reinforce what we did during the session

  • You’ll receive a handout that you can take with you to remind you how to stop the thought

  • You get practical help to make eating healthy easy

  • I’m available by email while we’re working together

With over a decade as a hypnotist, 10 years as a massage therapist, 15 years as a nurse, and 20 years as an instructor of Anatomy & Physiology I know health. I know the brain, how it works and how to teach you to change yours so you can easily and effortlessly start thinking and acting like a thin person that naturally eats healthy.

Gain confidence in yourself! Get that vibrant, healthy, attractive body. Move easily in the clothes you love.

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