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Weight Management

Using hypnosis for comfortable and effective weight management


Eating when you're already full, binging, snacking, nervous eating, poor food choices, lack of movement. All these can be causes of weight gain. If only weight loss was as easy as “Just Do It!”

Fortunately, hypnosis can make achieving your weight goals easier; it can even be fun, enjoyable and empowering! Feel good about who you are now and the person that you're becoming.


There are many factors that contribute to weighing more than you would like. They may include:


  • Stress

  • Emotions that you have surrounding food

  • How your family ate and how they felt about food

  • Your knowledge of what foods to eat

  • How to shop so you can afford healthy food

  • Your experience with exercise


Hypnosis can be a very helpful part of a weight management strategy. Choosing good food, eating appropriate portions, and regularly exercising can become more fun and easier with hypnosis.


Stress is often a large factor in weight gain, so I start there and then move quickly on to other causes. All this is done in a safe, comfortable, non-judgemental environment. You'll have tools to take home and learning positive reinforcement techniques will strengthen the advances that you've made.


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